July's Image Assignment

Welcome to July's image assignment, there are some amazing from you all!! 🙂

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Old Murcia Square

Boats at the Quayside

Converging Verticals Camera Raw, Defringing and Converging Verticals Photoshop

Cropping and Cloning

3 replies
  1. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    Thanks David for your lovely comment !
    our commentary is monotonous because, as always, the entries are so great ….
      …. And they are always different from each other …..
    but one thing is sure: I always look forward to and I have fun to make them

    bdw I like this new layout.

  2. judi
    judi says:

    Thanks again David for your comments and for the extra teaching you have added. I think that is bery helpful !
    Once again, everyone did a great job and all so different. David, this was the “old” Buzz which I was surprised to see that it still worked. it has been one of my favorite filters for years..

  3. Doreen
    Doreen says:

    Thank you David and all members who entered the assignment.

    I have been away for quite some time this summer. ..without internet connections.. so just to say my assignments of late have been some what rushed, but as David says to us all “something is better than nothing to enter”

    Thank you David, looking forward to the next one.


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