Welcome to May's image assignment, there are some awesome images from you all!! 🙂

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Seahouses Harbour

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Once again, great work by all. I just love Ineke’s peeling plaster 3D effect on the sea houses. Judy your colors and painting always amaze me. Love the kayaker Lazlo. I really like the effect Ineke used in her Oxen hall # 2. Judy, great textures and love the darker blues you brought into your Oxen hall image. Doreen, great frame and old fashioned toning in your Oxen hall image. Lazlo, love the colors and sharpening in your oxen hall and of course the added horse and carriage. Michael, great old fashion toning and texture a well as your muted colors in your Oxen hall images. High 5 to all ! ;~)

  2. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    Indeed SUPER images from all …. can it still get better?!?
    I doubt it, but it always is amazing !

    thanks David for your uplifting comments
    till the next month …..!


  3. judi
    judi says:

    So interesting looking at all the different styles and effects……..David, i think having you sing “what a day for a daydream”, would have been a real treat !! lol Thanks for again giving us a morning of entertainment with our coffee and toast………i must try one of the “looking through the window” styles and why can’t I add something as funny as Lazlo…….must add that to my list..The carriage is just what the picture needed…….and Ineke, what is the actions that “blew everything up like a broken rock wall”..wow…..interesting. I loved both the high key versions…Doreen , may I ask what the filter you used? Looks a little like the old “Buzz” filter effect…….I like the look of little blocks !! Everyone always has one little idea I “take away”…Thanks to all and to David ! ..but we want to hear you sing next time… lol

  4. Lazlo
    Lazlo says:

    I agree with the ladies, some absolutely great. imaginative creations. Ineke, what did you use for that “cracked” picture effect ?

  5. Deebarb
    Deebarb says:

    Brilliant work yet again, Thank you all and David. Judi I used so many filters as you know we doodle sometimes.. I do remember though I did use one of the buzz filter effects.

    David, the flower border was a border from perfect effect 8, that’s how it became uneven at the top edge.


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