June's Image Assignment

Welcome to June's image assignment, just amazing what you all come up with...brilliant!! 🙂

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Tenby Harbour

Black Country Canal

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  1. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    Again lovely images! I love them all …
    and David, so soon these videos, thank you
    I miss a few loyal exhibitors …. vacation perhaps?
    anyway, it is again a treat for us
    Thank you all

  2. judi
    judi says:

    You are getting so fast with the videos David…Yes, Ineke, we seem to be missing a couple people, but you and Ed really went all out and gave us much to look at…and Lazlo’s action was a good one. I will have to ask him which one he used?? Thank you David for “making our day” !!

  3. Doreen
    Doreen says:

    I agree Ineka and Judi, we do seem to be missing a few people but still enjoyable to watch, Thank you again David.

    I just came back from a two and half weeks holiday in North Devon.. that is how you got my assignment images early !! Again lost at the finished result of doodling. Must remember to make notes.


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