Welcome to May's image assignment, there are some superb images from you all!! 🙂

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The Tram

The Farm

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  1. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    beautiful images !!
    My farm I made with the Palette effects from BLAKE RUDIS, a master in photoshop who makes many good stuff for photoshop
    http://f64academy.com/ ………….. I’m a big fan of him

    thanks David for your commment and the video

  2. judi
    judi says:

    First, David, these are two really great shots….great composition of both shots……..They were very inspiring to paint. My watercolor wasn’t the one in the filter gallery. That one doesn’t do a very good job. These are watercolor brushes which do a much better job especially when combined with the watercolor paper. i did do a bit of a sketch before using the brushes which you ‘picked up’ right away………Thanks for another interesting way to spend time. I love playing with the different shots and seeing what everyone else “comes up with”……..and this time they seem to be all very different. Some very good work !! I totally enjoyed watching the “show” with my popcorn… lol Thanks everyone !!

    • davro
      davro says:

      Thanks Judi, pleased you liked both images. I had a feeling it might not be the Water colour filter, that’s one filter I’ve never used because it doesn’t look good. Pleased to hear you enjoy the assignment 🙂

  3. Deebarb
    Deebarb says:

    Thank you David for the great entertainment and video.. great images from all, I loved the tram Karen and Ineka the white farm would make a brilliant Christmas card, especially when David cropped the tree trunk and white vignette from the image.

    Just to say the assignment has really brightened me up.. I am going through a bad patch,,, my husband is very poorly in hospital.. so my thanks to David and all who entered to make this video.

    • davro
      davro says:

      Thanks Doreen, pleased to hear you enjoy the assignments. Sorry to hear your husband is poorly in hospital, hope he’s feeling better very soon!

  4. Karen
    Karen says:

    Once again, you are all so creative and inspiring ! Each month I look forward to the awesome photo’s that David shares with us and the never ending imaginations of all in our little on line family. Thank you David for inspiring us to color outside the lines. :~)

    My thoughts are with Doreen and her husband. I hope all works out well soon.

  5. Deebarb
    Deebarb says:

    Thank you Karen

    He is out of hospital now and on the mend,, can’t wait to get away when he fully recovers.


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