Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro2

With help from the Nik Collection, you can take the ‘ordinary’ and make it a little bit different!  In this video we use Nik's Analog Efex Pro2  to  not only present our image in a different way, but to also vary the colours and tones.

 Some of the tools used include

  • Smart Objects
  • Analog Efex Pro 2
  • Editing Multi Lens presets


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Poppies No Frame


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  1. 7Wishes
    7Wishes says:

    The addition of control points was a good inclusion in the update …. I’m not so keen on the tools and how they are implemented in this version. I found the original far better in that you could add tools to a preset, this version just seems to revert to build your camera and loses any working thus far.


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