Customising your Workspace ProShow Producer and Gold

In this video we take a look at customising our Workspace in ProShow Producer and Gold, producing a workspace that will best suit our needs.   Subjects covered Default Workspace Customising your workspace Saving Workspaces ProShow Workspaces Click HERE to view the Lightbox video Members can use the link below to view and download the ‘Clean’ […]

Lightbox in ProShow Producer and Gold

In this video we look at using the Lightbox in both ProShow Producer and Gold to organise our slides and much more  

June’s assignment – the show

In this video we are going to take a look at creating a slide show using the Wizard in ProShow Gold 5. This is a great way to give us the basic structure for our show. We start by selecting and organising the images, adding music and then looking at the different themes we can […]

ProShow image format and backgrounds

A member recently asked about the size of background required for a square format image when used in ProShow Produce. In this video we look at keeping the original image format and looking at the different options we have for creating a background in ProShow. We also take a look at stopping that 'blurry' effect between […]

Horizontal tilt in Producer 5

In this video we look at using the horizontal tilt in ProShow Producer 5 and how it can be used to change slides. Keyframes along with many other great tips and tricks are used to create this effect     Members can download the full size HD video without banners on the link below  

Plotting your route – Photoshop

This comes from a request from one of our Norwegian members, ØYVIND, who wanted to show the route he used on a trip he took from Stavanger to Lom in Norway. This is a really flexible technique which can not only be used to show the viewer the route but even used as a title sequence, or as […]

Videos in ProShow Producer

These days many of us have video cameras on our  compact cameras, dSLR  as well as our mobile phones and adding videos can give your shows a whole new dimension.  In this video we take a brief look at how the videos can be edited and used together with slides. We also take a look at making the […]

Adjustment layer Gradient effect

Whilst working on a slide show I wanted to create a dreamy style vignette that would help to highlight the main subjects. In this video we take a look at using Adjustment Layer Gradient in ProShow Producer  to create this effect and saving it as a Slide Style so we can easily add it to […]

ProShow Producer Keyframe

Keyframes in ProShow Producer are a great way to add something a little bit special to your slide shows. In this video we go back to basics, exploring how Keyframes can be used and edited in the Motion Preview dialogue box.