Adding a lighting effect in Lightroom 5

What drew my attention to this scene was the way the lighting highlighted the graffiti on the wall.  In this video we first  look at enhancing the image before adding a highlight and beams of light effect. Some of the tools used in Lightroom 5 include:-

  • Image details, Exif
  • Image adjustment
  • Lens correction
  • Composition - Cropping
  • Radial filter
  • Post crop Vignetting
  • Adjustment brush
  • Along with many other tips and tricks


Graffiti on the wall


Start image

Members can use the link below to view and download the ‘Clean’ full size HD video together with the start image so you can work along with the video.

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  1. kenwilks
    kenwilks says:

    Hi David
    I am not a Lightroom person using Photoshop and ACR instead but I found this video very educational. In particular I was fascinated by your use of the colour measuring tool to get the right balance between rb&g. This is something which has confused me in Photoshop. I will enjoy trying to adopt some of the things learnt in the other programme.


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