Creating a Single Image HDR Effect in Photoshop CC

In this video we look at creating an HDR effect from a single image in Photoshop CC

Some of the topics covered include:-
- Smart Objects
- Camera Raw
- Gradient Tool
- Adjustment Brush
- Masking
- Shadows Highlights

Gloucester Quays HDR


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  1. kenwilks
    kenwilks says:

    David. Thanks for this video. I echo Laszlo’s comment about the scope of ACR – something which we would have thought impossible even 4 or 5 years ago. I get set in my ways of doing things and this video and all the others, gets me to try new things, The big thing I will take away from this is not the adjustment brush but the base layer and then the layer on top converted into a smart object for revisiting if necessary. I have been photographing some dark churches recently and this tip will be useful. Something I knew about but haven’t tried in a while. Thanks again, David, keep up the good work.

  2. davro
    davro says:

    Thanks Lazlo and Ken

    I really like using Smart Objects Ken, not only can you make adjustments but it’s a great way to keep a record of what filters and setting you’ve used.


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