Creating an Oil Painting effect using Topaz Impression

In this video we look at applying an oil painting effect to an image using Topaz Impression. We start by applying one of the Topaz Impressions many presets before exploring how to use the controls to create our own style of painting.

Topaz Impression is a plugin for Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom as well as a stand alone programme

French Street Scene Topaz Impression - click to view


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Other images Created with Topaz Impression - Click to view

St Ives Cornwall




3 replies
  1. kenwilks
    kenwilks says:

    That was a thorough explanation and a great end result. I rarely use this programme but I can see it has good potential beyond the raft of example templates provided. I particularly liked your shot of Tenby. That worked very well.

  2. davro
    davro says:

    Thanks Ken, Topaz impression is one of my favourite plugins. I’ve had the Tenby image printed on canvas, looks great!

  3. Steve Conway
    Steve Conway says:

    Am trying to recreate the type oil painting you did on Paris outdoor cafe picture using Topaz Impression.

    Can you tell me the presets you began with? My screen is too small to read what you used.

    You are creating exactly the style I am looking for but the sliders only give me way too much effect or too little.

    I want to end up with more brush effect than you wanted and slightly less detail.

    I would much appreciate this kick start from where I can do a series of this style. Oil paint with nice brush strokes.

    All help much appreciated. I have posted several pictures on Flickr that were done on Topaz Impression but want to do some of the oils. Not done any that give me the look you showed in your Impression tutorial.

    Steve C.


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