Creating a Painted Triptych frame – Photoshop Elements


A blast from the past, a painted style frame which I first did many years ago as a written tutorial. In this video we bring it up to date using the brushes in Photoshop Elements. This method allows you to create flexible style frames.

Some of the tool used in Elements include

  • Layers
  • Brushes
  • Move tool
  • Transform tool
  • Blend modes
  • Short cuts
  • Easy to follow in all versions of Photoshop


Members can view and download the ‘Clean’ full size 1900 x 1080 HD video :-

  • No Ads Banners, logos.
  • Shortcut call outs Ctrl/Cmd J along with tips and trick
  • The download contains the full size start images so you can work along with the video

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Painted Frame Triptych

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