Editing video clips in CS6

These days most of us have the facility to shoot videos with our dSLR or compact digital cameras and mobile phones. Most of the time this tends to be short video clips, so in these videos we take a look at how we can join video clips, add music,titles and images with movement to produce longer videos, all using Photoshop CS6.


Spanish Beach


Part 1

Opening videos into CS6
Adding video groups
Adding Audio

Parts 2, 3 and 4 are available in the members area, click HERE

Part 2

Muting camera audio
Editing the video, splitting and deleting
Fading video
Adding Titles to the beat of the music, adding movement
Layer styles
Part 3

Adding images
Smart objects to add movement to the images
Adding Layer Styles
Adding Fades
Part 4

Saving the video file
Adding a closing image
Fading the audio
Adding motion to the image
Rendering the video

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