How to create Arrows in Photoshop

One of the members asked a question about creating directional Arrows in Photoshop.  In this video we look at how Arrows can be made using the Custom Shape tool, and we look at how the arrows can be customised before adding them to an image.



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  1. Elona
    Elona says:

    I had forgotten how to do this from when you showed it to me about 4 years ago! I would like to download it, but could not see the message below the video to do this – like the gold writing video below it. Also, all of the interface tabs/ details were blurred on the screen, so I had to rely on your explanation only.Have i got something wrong when viewing it – both small and full screen, David? It is such a useful video to have.

  2. Elona
    Elona says:

    Oh dear, sorry David – when i clicked on the instruction on this page, it went to the actual video and the selection option was not there. Oops from me.


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