Split toning an image in Lightroom

  In this video we look at split toning a black & white image in Lightroom. We start by adjusting the image in the Basic panel before moving on converting the image to black and white. Next, in the Split Tone panel we first look at Sepia toning an image before looking at some tips […]

Creating an Infrared Effect in Adobe Camera Raw

In this video we look at creating an Infrared Effect using Adobe Camera Raw. Some of the topics covered include:- - Basic Adjustment - Greyscale Mix - Adding Grain - Radial Filter - Split Toning Easy to follow in Lightroom     Members can view and download the full size 1900 x 1080 HD video :- […]

Creating a Black and White in Lightroom

In this video we see how we can create a dramatic Black and White Photos in Lightroom CC. Some of the tools used include: - Basic adjustment - Gradient tool - Lens Correction - Effects - HSL - Black and White - Radial Filter - Vignette - Spot Removal Tool - Adjustment Brush     […]

Adding a lighting effect in Lightroom 5

What drew my attention to this scene was the way the lighting highlighted the graffiti on the wall.  In this video we first  look at enhancing the image before adding a highlight and beams of light effect. Some of the tools used in Lightroom 5 include:- Image details, Exif Image adjustment Lens correction Composition - Cropping Radial […]

Lightroom Girl with a buttercup

Taken at a Sealed Knot re-enactment,  in this video we take a look at how we can first improve the image.  Then we improve the mood of the image by adjusting the colours and toning  in Lightroom. Members' area video

Quiet Time – Toned in Lightroom

  This picture was taken at the Black Country Living Museum just outside Birmingham in the UK. In most of the workshops,boats, houses and shops the staff dress in period clothing and tell you about the history of the buildings as you  walk around. This image was taken inside one of the terrace cottages;  the young […]

Tourist – Lightroom and Elements

Sometimes when you take a close look at an image it gives you ideas for the finished picture. This was very much a grab shot, a small group of people suddenly seemed to line-up on the quayside but there was nothing really there, the lighting and sky was pretty flat but just had to take […]