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South Sand Ferry

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Once again – BRAVO to everyone ! At times I felt like I may have had a tad to much to drink – – LOL ;~) but it just shows that ease of stepping outside the box and letting your imaginations flow !
    Lazlo – loved your South sand Ferry, the blues and the sun rays make it so relaxing. Ineke – – your Nice View is just that, I felt like I was standing on the balcony looking out to sea. Judi – as always you painting of South Ferry Island is just beautiful. Doreen – -really liked your Lifeguards rendition. Love the textures and soft colors.
    In answer to your question David – – Yes those are the words from the song – “When A Man Loves a woman”, which was originally done by “Percy Sledge”, however was also reproduced by several artists and one of my favorite was sang by “Michael Bolton”.

    • davro
      davro says:

      Yes it was Percy Sledge I was think of Karen, I just didn’t recognise the rest of the verse which is why I wondered

  2. judi
    judi says:

    Oh Boy, I think everybody was “outside the box” this time…..lol……..and I loved all of them…..Karen, you are our “Queen of the Composite”…..love that with song words…wish I could have heard it…Can you arrange for sound David?? I’m an incurable romantic ….Lazlo, that bit of sunrise looks great.. I know you had loads of references from your excellent photography….Ineke, I think that one with the palms is one of my favorites of yours…..it looks so bright and cheerful and the roller coaster with the red is exactly in the focal point…….Doreen, the Photo Planet is mesmerizing…is that an effect ?? Great job with the text also. David, as always, you have pointed out things that we wouldn’t have noticed and make all the pictures “come alive”……Thanks for all you do….could you check on that music… 🙂 lol

  3. Deebarb
    Deebarb says:

    Thank you Karen and Judi.
    The photo plant was created using the Polar coordinates filter, It was tutorial from one of my old mags. I got into difficulty joining the edges together, think it would have worked better with architectural buildings or trees popping up in the sky.

    David I used the concrete filter from Topaz for the Lifeguards.

    A credit to everyone for your fantastic images.. and thank you David to make it happen every month.

  4. Deebarb
    Deebarb says:

    Oh by the way Karen,, one of my favourites When a man loves a Woman by Percy Sledge… took me back there for a little while…

  5. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    I am a bit embarrassed …. I have not reacted at all to these beautiful entries! Sorry
    But they are all very special
    I am not only late with comments but also I have just sent away my August papers (Aug. 29)


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