October's image assignment

October’s image assignment

Hello, some great images from Ineke and Karen. It was my mistake in not notifying other members that the assignment was once again up and running… sorry about that!

Update...Since Lazlo’s hard work getting the website back online I have come across a number of issues as I’ve been restoring it from 2017 (the only backup available) to 2019.

I will be posting Novembers assignment ASAP and sending out an email this time when it’s online 🙂

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Hi Ineke ! It is so nice to see you back among us. I really liked you “Sun Drenched Garden Shed” as well as the black & white version you created. I also loved the texture and colors of your “Beddgelert – North Wales- Test of time”.

    A BIG thanks to David and Lazlo for all of their hard work to get this site back up and running. I can only imagine what a headache it was and how frustrating it has been.
    Hoping to see the rest of our little group back soon.

    Take Care,

  2. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    Actually you never have to mention your name …. by Karen is so recognizable.
    I find the most beautiful “first date” the butler is pricelessly good.
    And then the kids on the bridge are cute.

    It is a shame that David forgot to report the rest, although not me either, but I often go to see and that’s how I found out

    David and Lazlo … did a lot of work with great results!
    David … make a backup at least once a week !!!

    Till next time with entries from us all !!!

  3. davro
    davro says:

    Hi Ineke,

    As the site had been off line for sometime I have been looking at how the site has used and by whom before making up my mind what to do next. A few members want me to put the assignment on Facebook (closed group) which I think would be a great idea but I’m also aware not everyone uses Facebook. There are still other issues, one you can see above, no thumbnails and Karen has reported thumbnails missing from the front page which I still can’t fix 🙁

    The site is backed up by the server 1&1 and it’s backed up automatically by the site every Tuesday. The problem seems to come from the database so we couldn’t reinstall the backups and and the 1&1 backups expired and the sites own backups failed so we were hit from both sides. It was by chance Lazlo found and old backup which hiding in some of the site files but it dated from 2017, this was reinstalled. Being 2 years out of date has created the fault with the members area software so I am still having problems with the site all of which is asking questions about the direction of the site.

  4. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    yes I fully understand and I do not envy you …. a lot of work.
    and of course it’s not up to us to decide that we like the assignments so much – it’s your site!
    and, let’s face it, the submitters were just a small group AND I never understood that.
    Do what seems best to you, although it would be a shame for me to never get assignments again and see the work of others!
    good luck!!!!!

  5. Karen
    Karen says:

    I see that the assignment pictures are now showing. Another battle won. I agree with Ineke – I would very much miss not having the assignment every month and being able to see what the others have come up with. I guess I got spoiled and really enjoyed the closeness of our little group. However, as Ineke said – it is your site David and as much as I know you and Lazlo have been working so hard to keep it going, the fate of the site is totally up to you. I can imagine how hard it will be for you to have to let it go after all your years of work, but I understand your frustration and can only keep my fingers crossed and hope that things can get worked out. Whatever you decide, I get it and wish you well.

  6. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    Hi everyone
    there is something else I don’t understand
    there were more enthusiasts among us, but I don’t hear or see them in this discussion … where are you boys and girls ???

  7. Doreen
    Doreen says:

    Just found out Ineke, I will be back for November, I had missed it too.
    I just love all your images and Karen’s a pleasure to look at them.
    I take my hat off to you David and Lazlo for your very hard work, Thank you

  8. judi
    judi says:

    Hi everyone, I just found out too Doreen..?? David and Lazlo have always been a “good team” and I knew they would fix it !! Any idea that everyone likes is fine with me. The “theme” idea sounds good. I’ll be waiting to hear. 🙂


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