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Old Welsh Stone Farmhouse

Train 2870 GWSR

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Where do I begin ? These are all so amazing. Lazlo – loved you night image of the old stone farm house. The colors and lighting, especially the light in the window – Way to Go. Ineke – – I really liked your choice of autumn colors in your old stone farmhouse image. Judi – first I want to say I am so happy to see your images, that leads me to believe you survived hurricane Florence. Your painting of the old stone farm house is just beautiful. I love the colors and the lady watering the garden works perfectly with the scene. I also loved your train image with all the smoke and the train actually leading out of the 3D frame. SO KOOL ! :~) Lazlo – your train image is so fun. Is that really you David steering that tram? If so, nice to put a face to our wonderful leader. :~) Looking forward to seeing what next month brings.

  2. judi
    judi says:

    Hi Karen/ everyone !! Karen, Thanks for your concern about the storm. It was the worst in our history I heard, but our house is on a hilll , so we only had heavy rain and limbs down and lost power for a while. Meanwhile Crabtree Valley Creek which runs through Crabtree Mall was flooded and other areas around town . Of course Wilmington and New Bern got the worst flooding and i saw today that there is still flooding going on in different places…… Thanks also for the comments on the two images. I haven’t done an “out of the frame” since David taught it years ago…….it was fun to try. I always love your different characters and your creativity in placing them in the pictures… I also love the script with the messages that add so much to the pictures..I’m an incurable romantic, so I especially loved the “IF you leave me now” image. love the song too. I also loved the night scene Lazlo………that one window was just magic……and what a great idea to put David in the picture……!! bet he would love to do that job for maybe a few days….lol. Ineke, You do a lot of great filters and so many “different looks”…….Please put the name of some of them and the program. I’m sure we would all like to try them…. anyway, you picked some good ones and did a great job knowing where to apply……… Thanks David for your nice comments. They are always interesting and have some great little “subtle” hints…..

  3. Lazlo
    Lazlo says:

    it is such a great feeling to look at these amazing creations months after months. Judi, it is good to hear that the storm didn’t wash away your house…I wonder if it will ever stop raining.

  4. judi
    judi says:

    I was beginning to wonder Lazlo…….but seems like we might have a few dry Fall days coming up…….It will be strange not to go everywhere in the rain………thanks for asking….and I agree about the amazing creations……… !!

  5. Ineke
    Ineke says:

    Hello all
    the reason I often find my happiness in Smart Photo Editor is because I am often not at home.
    I spend the night with my daughter or in the empty house of my friend, who now lives in a nursing home at s-Hertogenbosch.
    I have my laptop, but there is no photoshop on it.
    So I seek refuge in the SPE, which is a very nice program.

    Having said that, back to the most important thing ….. this assignment.

    Judy, so delicate the lady in pastel and Karen always looking for figurines and Laslo in the night,
    I thought an owl, but I think I see legs and feet ….
    and David, Karen has moved the whole station to faraway places
    Laslo that double train with David in it !!

    All Super !!

    until October !!!!


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