Plotting your route – Photoshop

This comes from a request from one of our Norwegian members, ØYVIND, who wanted to show the route he used on a trip he took from Stavanger to Lom in Norway.

This is a really flexible technique which can not only be used to show the viewer the route but even used as a title sequence, or as part of the slide show itself.

part 1 - Starting in Photoshop we take a look at how we can create a brush that will help us plot the route on a map. Includes creating and saving a brush, using layer styles and saving as a transparent layer .png

The full videos for both Photoshop and Producer 5 can be found in the members area - Member click HERE

In part 2 we take a look at how we can use Layers, Masking and Keyframe in Producer 5 to plot the route on the map

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