Retouching Using Tones and Textures Frequency Separation

In this video we take a look at retouch an image using frequency separation. This will allows us to work on the tones and textures separately making it easier for us to retouch portraits.


Before and After click to view

Image by Brian Crouch Photography

The finished image


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2 replies
  1. kenwilks
    kenwilks says:

    The thing that I like about David’s tutorials is that he thoroughly explains what he is doing and why. There are several videos on the subject of Frequency Separation floating around but this one hits just the right note without being highfalutin.
    There – that’s a word I have occasionally said but never written!

  2. davro
    davro says:

    Thanks for the kind comments Ken 🙂 You’re right, I haven’t come across that word in ages yet alone written it 🙂


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