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I received  an email  from a visitor to my web site who remembered a technique that  I used many years ago to lighten the shadow area in an image.

"Hello - I was trying to explain a technique which I remember you using years and years ago when I first started using Photoshop - it might have even been CS2 or CS3. I think it might have been before the shadow/highlight tool was available but I remember it was an excellent way of reducing shadows. You had a street scene with harsh shadows on the left and right and got rid of them by making selections and using Gaussian blur and blend mode somehow but I can't remember the detail.  I'd appreciate a link to podcast and/or methodology if you have the time please.  Thanks again, Nigel"


This video was recorded way back in 2007.  After viewing for the first time in years I think this could still be a good alternative to Shadows and Highlights with some images. It is totally non destructive.  🙂

Some of the tools used include

  • Selections
  • Blend modes
  • Masking
  • Can be used in all versions Photoshop and Elements


Members can view and download the video :-

  • The download contains the full size start images so you can work along with the video

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Before and After

Do you remember a technique I've used in the passed ? Why not drop me an email and I will see if I can find the video

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