Smart Filters and Pixel Bender

I don’t usually take candid shots but just couldn’t resist this one, it seemed to sum up a typical British Summer holiday. It never was going to be a great photo but with a bit of help from filters such as Pixel Bender we can transform this grab shot into to something with a more painterly feel.

Some of the tools we will be using in Photoshop include,

  • Smart Filters
  • Layers
  • Pixel Bender
  • Shadow and Highlights
  • Blend mode



Pixel Bender can be downloaded from this link to  Lab Adobe  Up to CS5 only.  Not available for Elements or CS6 CC

Members can view and download the video :-

  • No ads, pop-ups or watermarks
  • The video has call-out showing all the shortcuts used.
  • The start image is included so you can work along with the video

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