In this start-to-finish video, I will show you the workflow that I used on the image using version 2 of Affinity Photo. We are going to start in the Develop Persona making some basic adjustments before entering the Photo Persona. Here we use the clone brush tool to remove some distracting cars and then add an Adjustment layer. Next, we head back to the Develop Persona to make the mountains stand out even more. It is easy to make adjustments both in the Photo Persona and to be able to re-enter the Develop Persona and everything is non-destructive.

  • 01:04 White Balance
  • 02:07 Cropping
  • 03:55 Overlays Gradient
  • 04:58 Raw Layer Embedded
  • 05:40 Raw Layer Linked
  • 06:40 Photo Persona
  • 07:02 Clone brush tool
  • 09:32 Adjustment Levels
  • 10:44 Develop Persona mountains 1
  • 3:11 Live filter Clarity Clouds
  • 14:59 Develop darken Cyan sky

Removing objects from an image Click Here

The Mourne Mountains – Click to view