Changing lighting and mood, B/W and Toning Photoshop Elements

Changing lighting and mood in an image,  creating stunning Black and Whites as well as Toning in Photoshop Elements

Following on from the Blacksmith video I received  a request asking if it was possible to do the same thing in Photoshop Elements. In the video we look at a simple work around which will allow us to use this same great technique (Luminosity masking) in Elements.


Some of the tools used include:-

  • Layers
  • Short cuts
  • Masking (Luminosity)
  • Adjustment layer
  • Blend modes

Changing the lighting and mood of an image - click to view

Black and White with colour popping - click to view


Members can view and download the video :-

  • No ads, pop-ups or watermarks
  • The video has call-out showing all the shortcuts used.
  • The start image is included so you can work along with the video

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  1. Yves
    Yves says:

    Excellent video David ! A very simple way to use luminosity mask with PsE as well,…

    I am convinced that PsE is under-estimated, we can do a lot more, maybe not via the same tools as its big brother Ps, but at the end, only the final result counts, not the road to reach this result !
    I hope that you will publish other videos like this one, with tips & tricks to achieve the same result as Ps users. I am currently exploring all possibilities of the tool “levels” as we don’t have the curve under PsE (which is still a bit difficult to me to understand,…) but you can already do a lot and much more than what you could imagine with the levels tool.



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