In this video we are going to begin by creating a drawing or sketch effect, then we will take it further adding a painted effect. We will hen blend the two effects together producing our final image, but this is still fully adjustable 🙂

Some of the topics covered include:-

- Layers

- Blend Modes

- Opacity

- Filters and Filter Gallery

- Mask, Brushes

- Shortcuts and tips and tricks

Easy to follow in all versions of Photoshop

Painted Sketch Fx - click to view

100% crop of the Painted Puppet Master - click to view

Caricatures - click to view


Members area video

Members can view and download the full size 1900 x 1080 HD video :-

No Ads Banners, logos.
Callouts with Shortcuts eg. Ctrl/Cmd J and tips and tricks
The download contains the full size start images (where possible) so you can work along with the video
Click Here for details on the members area

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