In this video we look at how we can create stunning Black and White as well as Toned images in Affinity Photos using the Gradient Map. Once created this can be saved as a Preset making it easier to apply to future images.

Some of the topics covered include:-

- Adjustment Layers

- Gradient Map

- Adding Tones

- Presets

- Masks

Black and White- click to view

Toned with selective colour - click to view


Members area video

Members can view and download the full size 1900 x 1080 HD video :-

No Ads Banners, logos.
Callouts with Shortcuts eg. Ctrl/Cmd J and tips and tricks
The download contains the full size start images (where possible) so you can work along with the video
Click Here for details on the members area

2 replies
  1. Bob Evans
    Bob Evans says:

    Good one as ever davro, thanks. Please can we have lots more on Affinity, after 30 years of using Adobe Apps and license ownership I can no longer afford the subscription update so have gone over to Affinity (like many others!).
    Thanks again.

    • davro
      davro says:

      Thanks Bob 🙂 You’re not alone, more and more are moving over to Affinity due to the subscription charges of Adobe. Don’t worry more Affinity videos to come 🙂


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