In this start-to-finish video, I will show you the workflow I use to improve a portrait, aiming to keep it sympathetic to the person. We are going to remove/reduce lines and dark rings from around the eyes.  We will also remove/reduce lines and redness from the face.  A flash can sometimes create a harsh glare on the skin giving it a shiny appearance, so we look at how we can also improve this.

The video has chapters making it easier to find the part you need.

00:05 – Intro

00:32 – Frequency Separation

02:07 – Removing Lines

04:09 – Removing dark circles

05:27 – Patch Tool

08:08 – Grouping Layers

09:16 – Skin Texture on top of eye

10:45 – Reducing Redness (Colour)

12:12 – Dealing with the Flash

13:57 – Skin Blemishes/spots

15:17 – Soften Skin

Start images from Pixabay

Portrait click HERE

Skin smoothing click HERE

Start and Finished image click to view