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In this video we are going take a look at my favourite method to make your colours pop in Affinity Photo. I have taken this image through the Develop Persona but I have not added any saturation or vibrance. I find this technique a far more natural way of boosting colours and it works on a whole range of different subjects.

Some of the topics covered include:-

- Adjustment               00:28

- Curves

- LAB Colour                01:10

- Presets                       03:26

- Masking                     05:05

Curves LAB settings

AOpponent  0.127  0.875

BOpponent  0.127  0.875

Setting up the Workspace Affinity Photo click here

Selective LAB Colour (Masking) click to view

Before and After LAB Colour click to view

LAB Colour full image click to view


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