Hello and welcome to another video where this time we are going to create a moody black and white portrait. The effect uses a Black and White preset which will give us a much better start position than Affinity’s. We also create a vignette which we can use to add lighting to the image. This method uses Adjustments and Live Filters so it will be fully adjustable when saved in layers as a .afphoto.

Pixabay Image by Leroy Skalstad

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The video has chapters making it easier to find the part you need.

00:17 – Using the Stock tab

01:21 – B/W settings

02:28 – Adding a Vignette

04:17 – Increasing G/Blur Vignette

05:24 – Vignette/Lighting

06:32 – Adding Curves

07:16 – Adjusting the vignette

07:34 – Adjusting B/W

Thanks for watching, David


The finished image – click to view

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