The Living Statue – Removing distractions in Photoshop

Taking pictures in busy places can be very difficult. However, by taking a number of shots and selecting the best, we can then combine them in Photoshop.  The distractions can be removed using Masking and the Clone Stamp Tool.

Some of the topics covered include:-

- Bridge
- Load into Photoshop Layers
- Align Layers
- Masking
- Clone Stamp Tool


Before and After Click to view



The living Statue Click to view



Members area video

Members can view and download the full size 1900 x 1080 HD video :-

No Ads Banners, logos.
Callouts with Shortcuts eg. Ctrl/Cmd J and tips and tricks
The download contains the full size start images (where possible) so you can work along with the video
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  1. Lazlo
    Lazlo says:

    Terrific tutorial David. It shows you how you can make a good composition out of two crowded images. I will try to remember it next time when I get into similar situation.


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