Re-sizing images using the crop tool and Save for Web


I was recently asked a question concerning re-sizing images which had to be exact dimensions W x H x Resolution. In this video we look at the workflow that I use when faced with the same situation, this could be for a website, digital projection or slide shows.

Some of the topics covered include:-

- Image Duplicate
- Crop Tool
- Selective Sharpening
- Save for web
- Saving Crop Preset



Re-sizing and Save for Web

Re-sizing and Save for Web

Members area video

Members can view and download the full size 1900 x 1080 HD video :-

No Ads Banners, logos.
Callouts with Shortcuts eg. Ctrl/Cmd J  and tips and tricks
The download contains the full size start images (where possible) so you can work along with the video
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  1. kenwilks
    kenwilks says:

    I hold my hand up to say I was the one who asked the question. In my case I had to get a 42mb file down to 500kb and then place it into a presized box on a website. Its a bit like an anorak I have which folds itself into a pocket as if by magic.
    That’s a great video and so so so useful. For any members likely to be asked to do the same thing, then treasure this little resource. It could save hours of stress.
    Sincere thanks


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