Toning an image using Color Lookup

There are many different ways in which we can tone images in Photoshop, but there is one we tend to overlook and this is the Color Lookup Adjustment layer.

In this video we look at how we can tone an image using multiple layers of Color Lookup.



Some of the topics covered include:-
- Adjustment Layers
- Color Lookup
- Opacity
- Grouping Layers


The Cowboy - click to view

The Cowboy - click to view

Image from


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  1. kenwilks
    kenwilks says:

    That’s a good one David. I have overlooked this little Adobe extra. I checked it once and hated the lok it gave and thought it was something I would never use. It never occurred to me to try three look-ups as i just thought it would make it three times as nasty!
    I am beginning to think it might even make a nice theme for a photographic selection of images if they all were finished similarly. I suppose with different subject matters the tome would have to change which would defeat the object.


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