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Split toning an image in Lightroom

  In this video we look at split toning a black & white image in Lightroom. We start by adjusting the image in the Basic panel before moving on converting the image to black and white. Next, in the Split Tone panel we first look at Sepia toning an image before looking at some tips […]

Using and adjusting Presets in Luminar

In this video we look at using Presets in Luminar as a starting point, we then explore how we can adjust the filters and also add new filters to complete the image. Some of the topics covered include:- - Presets - Editing Presets - Adding Filters - Editing Filters            

Painterly effect Pet Portrait Elements

A simple snap shot of our pet can be easily transformed into a painterly styled portrait. We first remove distractions, then paint in a new background and apply the painterly effect using Topaz Simplify. Some of the topics covered include:- - Layers - Shadows and Highlights - Spot Healing Tool - Paint Brush - Topaz Simplify […]